News Release: 3/1/2023

Topic: Screening of the documentary of Unseen
Contact: Karrie King, County Director, ISU Extension and Outreach - Woodbury County
Date: 03/15/2023
Screening of the documentary Unseen Sioux City, IA – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach-Woodbury County will present a screening of Unseen, How We’re Failing Parent Caregivers & Why It Matters. It will be held at the ISU Extension and Outreach Woodbury County office on March 15 at 6:00 pm. There will also be an in-person panel available for discussion and answering questions. The power of unfiltered, compelling human stories, Unseen cultivates compassion and tangible support for the caregivers in our communities. The isolation, depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD and exhaustion that many caregivers experience daily can lead to poor physical health, failed relationships, and substance abuse. By partnering with organizations, businesses, institutions, advocacy groups, and healthcare providers we can support caregivers and make a positive impact.
Register for this event by contacting:
ISU Extension and Outreach, 712-276-2157