News Release: 11/19/2021

Dear Friends:
Thank you for your generous support as an Underwriter and Supporter of Siouxland Catholic Radio, KFHC/KOIA 88.1 FM.

We are grateful you share our mission in bringing the Faith to others via the airwaves and internet.  88.1 FM connects you with local events and issues, imparts quality family and personal advice, addresses national and international events and issues, and provides solid Catholic apologetics and evangelization. 

KFHC/KOIA is an evangelist, reaching many souls – both Catholic and Christian alike. 
Father Mark Beran, St. Augustine Mission-Winnebago, stated: “I have had people enter the Catholic Church and tell me something they learned through Catholic radio. All a person has to do is listen and have their lives transformed by Christ.”

Our Fall Pledge Drive went well.  We were humbled by the pilgrimages of St. Patrick’s Sheldon 7th-8th graders and a Wayne, Nebraska family to see the Eucharistic Miracles of the World Exhibit.

Siouxland Catholic Radio thanks our hosts and guests for sharing their time, talent, and treasures! 

 However, donations from our Fall Pledge Drive did NOT bring us to our goal of $75,000.

 Today, we ask YOU to join us and make a donation so KFHC/KOIA can continue to broadcast the Good News of our Catholic Faith.

St. Gabriel Communications is a non-profit faith-based organization.  We receive NO diocesan, United Way, state, or federal support.  We are entirely depending upon YOUR tax-deductible donation.  We would not be able to broadcast the Faith without your financial support, which we are sincerely and deeply grateful.

If you have any questions, please call Ann or Lisa.  

Thank you for all you do!

Yours in Christ, The Siouxland Catholic Radio Board and staff: 
John Fitzsimmons, Drs. Paul and John Wolpert, Joanne Fox, Molly Sokolowski, Michael Brauer, Patrick Demers, Dave Ferris, Ted Karpuk, Julie Keane, John and Anne O’Mara, Betty Pratt, Sid Shoemaker, Ann Reed, Kathy Pynn, Lisa Niebuhr, and Al Metz

Chris McGowan, CEO of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and The Siouxland Initiative in Sioux City, stated, “So much of our media is focused on entertainment. Siouxland Catholic Radio is countercultural. 88.1 FM helps families and our loved ones on their journey to heaven.  I encourage you to support this excellent radio station!" 
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