LaunchPAD Children's Museum Celebrates 5th Birthday

With the help of the community, on February 11th, 2016, the idea of LaunchPAD Children’s Museum became a reality.

This month LaunchPAD celebrates its fifth birthday.

LaunchPAD has proven to be a unique destination in downtown Sioux City, bringing in children and tourists from all over the Midwest playing a vital role in stimulating the local economy.

In the past five years, LaunchPAD has welcomed over 300,000 people through the doors to play and discover. LaunchPAD has helped celebrate over 600 birthdays of area children. LaunchPAD has also provided FREE play and discover for over 16,000 people with either free admissions or free memberships.

LaunchPAD has helped celebrate many birthdays with Siouxland children and their families by providing an inviting space to create long lasting memories. Last year was hard for all families and celebrating a child’s birthday looked different. LaunchPAD wants to help provide children and their families with a memorable experience this year.
LaunchPAD wants to celebrate with Siouxland by offering birthday parties for 55% off during the month of February. Birthday party gift certificates can be purchased at the discounted rate throughout the entire month of February and will be good until February 2022.

Executive Director, Carrie Lebowich said, “We’ve come a long way the last five years, from the concept of a few local moms, to a fully interactive 10,000 square foot center of play and discovery; supplementing the educational purpose of play.

The children and families we welcomed in 2016 have grown and changed, and we’re honored to say we have been a huge part of their early childhood. LaunchPAD is committed to continuing this impactful relationship for years to come!”