Iowa Hemp Company Sees Double Digit Growth in 2023

Iowa Hemp Company Sees Double Digit Growth in 2023, Faces Possible Challenges from HSB 126, Government Realignment Bill

Nukana, a Hemp Consumable Manufacturer and Retail Brand was founded in 2018 in Sioux City, IA. Starting with a shoestring budget and vision, David Hall CEO has seen double-digit growth in hemp supplement sales, as well as job creation; hiring additional employees for sales and marketing to assist in its growth.

“We just want to be a trusted source in the Midwest for Hemp supplements.” Says Hall, “We are in such an unregulated industry with so many substandard products on the market. At Nukana, our mission is to provide the purest cannabinoid-rich products in multiple formulations, in order to bring about life-changing outcomes. We care deeply about our world, the products we provide, and the people who benefit from them.”

Nukana is sold nationally and can be found in many licensed establishments in Iowa. We have had a relationship with The Brew Convenience store chain for some time now. The Brew has been carrying Nukana products in their stores in Western Iowa, and have recently expanded Nukana’s offerings into their stores in middle and Eastern lowa. Nukana works with a wide variety of businesses to increase revenue by providing a product that is in high demand as people realize how much it can potentially support a better quality of life.

At five years in business, we are still in our infancy. Consumable hemp is only one avenue of many that we are involved in producing at the moment. We have relationships built with trusted labs to be able to also provide bulk ingredients and bulk gummies that are available to white label. Over the next several years, Nukana has plans to increase production, creating more jobs and bringing sustainable living to our state. Something that is needed in a time of economic change.

Recent laws and regulation changes may have a negative impact on Nukana or other Hemp consumable businesses in lowa because of HSB 126, the State Government Realignment Bill, endorsed by Governor Reynolds. The bill eliminates more than 20 cabinet positions and moves some departments under different umbrella agencies. With Governor Reynolds’ recommendations, the agency that oversees hemp consumables would be absorbed by another agency, which poses big concerns on lowa based hemp consumable companies like Nukana. “We feel like no one is taking a hard look at how this will impact our business and its future in Iowa.” Says David Hall, “We are keeping a close eye on how this will affect our business going forward and may have to adjust accordingly, but as of now, we are very optimistic.”