Fall Services at Drilling Pharmacy

This fall we are offering seasonal flu vaccines at Drilling Pharmacy! We are continuing to offer other vaccine services including the covid-19 vaccine for adults and children, pneumonia, tetanus, shingles, and more. We are happy to accommodate curbside vaccinations if desired. We also offer COVID-19 testing at the pharmacy. We now provide test and treat services where we can test for strep throat or influenza A and B, and dispense the treatment in the same visit if appropriate. Patients are encouraged to call and speak with one of our pharmacists with any questions they may have.
We are offering on-site flu and Covid-19 immunization clinics for groups of 10 or more at local businesses, churches, and facilities.  We can also provide health screenings including lipid panels, a1c tests, blood pressure, and blood glucose readings. If you are interested in any of these clinics, please call the pharmacy (712-276-4621) M-F and speak with our pharmacy manager, Christina Plautz.
Drilling Pharmacy is proud to be partnering with the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA and the Iowa Department of Public Health to refer qualified patients to the Diabetes Prevention Program.  This group meets regularly to promote healthy eating and exercise to boost your energy, lose weight, reduce your risk for diabetes, and improve your health for life! Drilling Pharmacy was also awarded a grant to partner with the University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Public Health to help patients actively take steps towards better cardiovascular health. Patients are now eligible to enroll in a 12-week study that will require patients to take a consistent number of blood pressure readings per week. Call the pharmacy to learn more or enroll in one of these exciting programs!