2B 2 Compete in National Physique Nationals

The National Physique Nationals - Nebraska Saturday, October 8th.
Hilton Omaha on Cass St. - Connected to CHI Pre-judging at 10AM Finals at 6PM
Tickets available at the door
Cody will have his fitness business, 2B Imperium, sponsoring the show AND have specials on 2B Fit (training) and 2B Sustained (Nutrition) packages, along with his clothing line available. There will be a 2B Imperium client competing in the Ladies Figure Division, after training with 2B Imperium for only 16 months and following a 2B Sustained (Nutrition) program for six months. Cody, creator, owner and trainer will also be competing in Men's Physique.
2B Imperium was recently voted Platinum, overall best fitness business in the tri-state area. Come support and get motivated by the dynamic and excited atmosphere that only 2B Imperium can make.
Email: Rininger@2BImperium.com
Phone: 712.870.0758
Facebook: 2B Imperium
Instagram: @Rininger50