Siouxland District Health F/T WIC Coordinator

Posted: 08/27/2023

SALARY:    Minimum of $2,248 bi-weekly   (Plus Benefits/IPERS)Responsible and accountable for coordination and management of WIC Program for Woodbury and Ida Counties. Serves as the primary contact. Assures provision of services in compliance with contractual agreement. Supervises staff that work within the program and coordinates with other clinic services.


Essential Duties:

Coordinate the local WIC Program internally and with program partners
Interpret and ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines. 
Monitor program budgets in compliance with state and federal policies and in cooperation with internal staff.
Support development of clinic quality assurance plan and provide leadership for program reviews, chart audits and documentation reviews.
Interpret data system reports.
Participate in community health needs assessment.
Assure contract compliance by completing required reports and submitting timely, attend meetings and trainings as required and submit necessary requested changes to Contractor.
Coordinate provision of service, including referrals to other sources of healthcare as needed with follow-up and public health programs.
Serve as a health professional representing WIC to the public and other professionals in the community.
Direct an active referral and outreach program.
Provide oversight to services that include the determination of service sites, hours of service and scheduling in cooperation with other clinic staff.
Recruit, train and monitor all program personnel, both professional and non-professional.
Work with agency dietitians, nurses, dental hygienists and State personnel to provide in-service training to program staff on policy changes and changes in the science of health and nutrition.
Maintain program knowledge and understanding to serve as WIC competent professional authority.

Agency Duties and Responsibilities: 

Assist with the quality improvement process within the agency. 
Ensure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) covering the security and privacy of confidential client data. 
Ensure participant records and communication with participants, co-workers and other health professionals are in accordance with Confidentiality Policy. 
Attend and participate in work-related meetings, conferences/seminars and committees. 
Assist in agency/division planning and response to disaster situations and emergency situations or events in conjunction with agency emergency plan. 
Provide customer service that is courteous and responsive. 
Demonstrate professional oral, phone and written communication skills. 
Model professional behavior to peers and participants. 
Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Person Characteristics:

Ability to empower and supervise staff and maintain a welcoming client environment.
Ability to provide leadership direction that incorporates change and quality improvement.
Knowledge of and ability to apply WIC policies and nutritional guidelines to participants, families and community.
Ability to motivate a culturally diverse population to adopt healthy habits.

Agency-Specified Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Personal Characteristics: 

Ability to work in an unstructured setting, be self-directed, independent and work with minimal supervision. 
Ability to recognize need for adjustment and demonstrate flexibility to meet scheduling and agency needs. 
Ability to follow oral and written instructions. 
Ability to manage time and handle multiple tasks/responsibilities. 
Ability to work in multiple programs understanding and adhering to rules/regulations and requirements for each respective program. 
Ability to make decisions under potentially stressful situations. 
Ability to maintain professional boundaries with participants. 
Ability to maintain accurate records, write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals. 
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, in order to relate information. 
Ability to interact effectively with diverse populations representing widely divergent backgrounds, interests and points of view, including possible language/cultural barriers. 
Ability to coordinate communication and care for non-English speaking participants through use of an interpreter. 
Ability to exercise leadership with tolerance and understanding as well as with appreciation and respect for the special abilities and skills of others. 
Ability to maintain a high level of customer service. 
Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with co-workers, management, health professionals and personnel from educational institutions, appointed and elected officials, volunteer groups and community agencies. 
Ability to interact effectively in a variety of contexts with staff, professionals, participants and the general public. 
Knowledge of communication mediums, including an understanding of computer functions i.e., Microsoft Office, data base systems, Internet, electronic mail, software programs and social network mediums. 
Ability to operate office equipment, computer, software programs and technology equipment. 
Ability to represent SDHD and perform duties in a professional, responsible and trustworthy manner. 
Ability to project a positive attitude about SDHD.
Ability to work as part of a team.


Education, Experience and Special Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in nutrition, nursing or other health-related field.
Current licensure in the State of Iowa for a Dietitian in addition to current dietetic registration through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, if applicable; or
Current licensure in the State of Iowa for a Registered Nurse, if applicable; or
Current licensure in the State of Iowa for other health-related fields, if applicable.
Supervisory and program administrative experience preferred.
 Public health experience preferred.
 Must have Mandatory Child and Adult Abuse Reporter Certificate or willing to obtain.
CPR Certification required or be willing to attend training. 
Must have valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and ability to obtain car insurance at agency- specified liability level.ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE APPLICATION OTHERWISE THE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE FORWARDED.   A County application form, resume, a copy of current Dietitian or Registered Nurse license are required.  Ability to provide a copy of transcripts if selected for interview.  DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: 4:30 p.m. February 27, 2023 or until position filled.  Woodbury County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will consider reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages prospective employees and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the Employer.