Your Foot's Future

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January 03, 2019
If the shoe fits, enjoy it while you can because it may be going by the way side. That's the warning from Jim Ewoldt, owner of Peak Performance. "The days of buying the next version of your favorite shoe may not be possible. On returning from the running industry's major expo, it was quite obvious that there will be radical changes for running/fitness type shoes. The problem is, shoe technology is advancing faster than the customers are adapting to them. Customers like shoes they know work for them and they're having trouble adjusting. When we asked the shoe manufacturers why they keep changing, they insist 'the customer demands it.' We don't know who they are talking to, because the consumers I talk to all want the old shoes. The new running shoes will be more responsive and can react to needs based on the person in the shoe. Be aware that the fit and feel of many of the most popular shoes are changing. It is very important to try on the shoes before buying. Ask questions about what changes may be expected. We'll always be on the cutting edge to know what's new and find the best shoes for our customers. Our physician-tested Staning Gait Analysis will find the right shoe based on your foot type. We will be adding a new technology called Stride Signature to our Sioux City store very soon to more deeply identify the right shoe for you."
*Taken from Jan/Feb 2019 Being Better Magazine
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