Why rent linen from APPEARA???

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June 04, 2019
NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT: We make the initial investment. 
INCREASED PROFITABILITY: By outsourcing, you eliminate the variable costs from an on-premise laundry. 
LESS FINANCIAL RISK: Your linen cost is determined only by your linen usage, not equipment problems, labor issues, etc. 
IMAGE ENHANCEMENT: Your customer-service business will shine with linen service. 
CUSTOMER PREFERENCE: Customers prefer the look, feel and smell of clean, professionally-cleaned linen. 
CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM: We will work with you to determine a delivery schedule and inventory that meets your needs. 
VARIETY OF SELECTION: We have many styles and colors of linen to choose from. 
INCREASE REPEAT BUSINESS: A clean, professional image keeps customers coming back. 
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reusable linen is the best environmental option for the conscious hospitality manager. 
PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: We guaranteed clean linen and on-time delivery. 
CONVENIENCE: We deliver to you. Your linen will be one less thing you have to worry about.
George Stickney, Regional Sales Manager
(712) 251-9333