V.I.P. Gymnastics, Ninja, and Cheer is open and ready to offer the Siouxland Community exceptional programs!

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September 18, 2018
Hello Siouxland! Our facility may be brand-new but our program has been in Sioux City for over 18 years. We are the founders of the beloved Superstar Tumblebus in town. For years, we have had families ask if their children could continue taking our classes after they finish preschool or daycare. We recently renovated part of the Gateway building into a gymnastics palace for our families. It is 21,135 square feet and holds 2 inground trampolines, inground tumble trak, 3 competitive sets of uneven bars, 8 high balance beams, a resi pit, 2 spring floors, a ninja obstacle course area, 3 climbing ropes, 3 inflatables, and a separate preschool gym with age appropriate trampolines. We are delighted to offer gymnastics, ninja, and cheer classes in our facility. Our schedule can be found online with prices at www.vipgymnasticsninjacheer.com. Our phone number is (605) 540-0854 and our location is 300 Centennial Drive Suite 150, North Sioux City, SD 57049. Call today to schedule a tour and see what Siouxland is buzzing about. We would love to meet you!
Alisha Dykstra, Manager/Co-Owner
(712) 540-1552