Sunnybrook Church Aids STEMM with Well Project

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March 21, 2018
Our thanks to Sunnybrook Church and other partners, who have provided the funds necessary to complete a new well project at STEMM in Tanzania!
A new well has been dug at our two neighboring schools and a water tower has been erected to provide a steady water source for drinking, washing, cooking, and irrigation.  This is truly a game-changer for the community of Mbuguni schools.  With our much-needed feeding program, the community provides the rice, beans, corn, and firewood, while STEMM provides the cook, the oil, and the salt.  But what happens when food is scarce, which it often is, and the community is not able to provide enough food for the program? 
This is where the well comes in.  Not only will it ensure safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, but it will also provide the water necessary to grow the crops needed to provide food for the feeding program, while also helping the children to learn about agriculture, shared responsibility, and self-sufficiency. 
Jon Gerdts, Executive Director
(712) 258-8282