Sandler Sales Training

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February 06, 2018
Sandler Sales Training is new to the Sioux City market We are excited to be part of the Siouxland Chamber, and look forward to getting acquainted with our fellow Chamber members.  Our clients hire us because they may be struggling with declining sales, frustrated with their sales team efforts with prospecting for new business, or they are tired of just "winging it", and they want a sales process/system to get everyone on the same page.  We teach techniques that are easy to use and understand, and most important, get results!  If you would like to learn more about how Sandler can help you create a high performing sales culture in your company, please contact me for a 60 minute meeting.  During this time I am confident we will both be able to determine if Sandler can bring value to your sales efforts and be a good fit for your company.
Patrick Mueller, Business Development
(402) 630-8687