Migraine Miracle?

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January 04, 2019
Once it starts, you know your day is no longer your own. When a migraine hijacks your day - or week - it wreaks havoc on your life. You just want it to end. Maybe it doesn't even have to start. Dave Welch, PA with Midwest Pain Clinic, reports a brand new treatment is out, and it looks very promising.
Dave reports, "When penicillin came out, there was nothing else like it. This is kind of the same thing. Monoclonal Antibody, called CGRP therapy, is a brand new class, and it's only been out a few months. If you've tried migraine treatments in the past, you haven't tried this. This isn't somthing old with a new name."
"CGRP therapy is a monthly injection for prevention of headaches. It comes in an auto injector so you can do it at home. (Don't worry, it's a tiny needle, and we train you how.) It's not something to treat a migraine once you have one, this tries to thwart off headaches. After all, wouldn't we rather avoid a migraine in the first place? The nice thing about this is it can be used in conjunction with other therapies. If you're already doing Botox, and that's somewhat effective, but you're still having some headaches, you can keep on that therapy. If you have a prescription for when a headache does pop up (medication that stops a headache), you can use that if needed. So far, we've had some pretty amazing results. One patient said she hadn't been able to engage in many social functions for several years because of such terrible headaches. The CGRP therapy has allowed her to live her life to the fullest."
"Anyone with chronic migraines is a good candidate. For those with cranial occipital headaches (pain that runs up from the neck over the top of the head" and stress or muscle-related headaches we haven't had as much luck. But, this treatment is worth looking into for anyone with migraines. If you have suffered with migraines, this is really something to check out. Call us today to see if it's a good fit for you. Let's stop them in their tracks."
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