Flooring Available at Smarter Spaces

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May 03, 2019
When it comes to outdoor spaces, there haven't been great options for flooring. At least not ones that weren't industrial looking at best. Gina Jepsen, owner of Smarter Spaces, says that is all changing. Style has arrived with some amazing performance to rave about.
Smarter Spaces has you covered with Swisstrax flooring. There are 19 colors to choose from, 7 hardwood grains, and more than 10 styles. This floor has superior resistance to oils, solvents, salts, and hot tires. It's more than garage flooring. You can bring the luxurious look of hardwood to any room on a budget with luxury vinyl wood flooring tiles. Your outdoor space can be just as fashionable as the inside by customizing your patio or pool floors using one or a combination of patterns and colors. You can customize your commercial flooring to fit the needs of your business and even add your company logo right into the tiles.
The flooring is engineered to be durable and easy to maintain. The four-point injection molding process ensures maximum material distribution, edge to edge and corner to corner. It has a 25,000-70,000 lb. rollover capacity and can support up to 5,120 PSI. It is non-slip, self draining, 100% recyclable, UV stabilized, and comes with a 15-year warranty. And unlike epoxy or floor paint, there is no prep work needed.
For more information, contact Smarter Spaces at 712-274-3911 or visit www.smarterspaces.space