Family Fitness at Thrive!

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May 03, 2019
Parents are prying the phones out of their kids' hands, getting them active and instilling a love of fitness early on.

Laura Gorseth, General Manager and Fitness Coach at Thrive Fitness can tell you, the kids love it. "With our Thrive Go program, our students have a great time, and they're learning how their bodies work."

Thrive has groups for kids ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-13. Laura says, "Our main focus is on mobility. Kids' bodies are growing and changing, so we help them understand what good movement should look and feel like. We incorporate a lot of games in the mix, talk about healthy habits, and teach what foods will give them energy to do fun things."

"We work on mobility, balance, and coordination. When kids struggle with a certain move, we teach them how to take those struggles and overcome them. They quickly see there is a way to succeed. And it's fun."

Laura added, "Some of the classes are scheduled so parents can bring the kids and do their workout while they're waiting. When fitness is convenient, people show up."

Summer sessions for Thrive Go start soon. Sessions last three months and fill up fast so call soon to get your kids signed up.
Travis O'Connor, Owner
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