HR/Talent Director - Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A @ Sergeant Road
Job Description
HR/Talent Director
Chick-fil-A Sergeant Road: 4428 Sergeant Road, Sioux City, IA 51106
Organizational Imperatives 
The HR/Talent Director is Responsible for:
Recruiting and Onboarding - Proactively Seek Out Top Tier Talent
• Maintaining recruiting platform within the community

• Attend recruiting events and seek out new opportunities 
• Engage current team to refer applicants 
• Efficiently manage and track all applications
• Proactively determine the hiring needs of the business in collaboration with Owner/GM/Operations
• Develop team to assist in screen/interview applicants
• Attend events to be the face in the community for a premier opportunity in our industry
• Organize outside leadership candidate recruitment, onboarding, etc. 

• Human Resources compliance systems and maintenance systems; including: 
• Auditing new Team Member files for proper paperwork
• Confirming new Team Member eligibility to work
• Twice annual audits of all Team Member files
• Preparing Department of Labor reports for each payroll period 

• Iowa Child Labor Law compliance 
• Team Engagement and Morale 
• Documenting discipline and/or terminations
• Create an Employee Value Proposition

• Develop and maintain a remarkable and engaging orientation process 
• Develop and oversee a recognition system
• Oversee promotion and leadership development initiatives 

• Make Chick-fil-A Sergeant Road a TALENT MAGNET for top talent in the area 
Success Factors and Matching Measurements ?
How will you know this position has been successful?
We will know the HR/Talent Director is successful upon attaining the following: 
• Increase our employee Retention and maintaining a full+ staff on all levels
• Seek out original and creative venues to recruit new Team Members/Leaders
• 90% Courteous and Attentive Employees scores
• Follow through with initiatives 

Behavioral Characteristics ?
What specific behaviors should a person in this position have in order to achieve success? The HR/Talent Director should: 
·       Have the following skills: multi-tasking, time management, prioritization, benchmarking, 
troubleshooting, reporting (information gathering and analysis), poise and grace under pressure, finely honed communication skills, integrity, selflessness, emotional stability and resilience, diplomacy skills, and the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. 
·       Be an innovative thinker - dream big, forward thinking 
·       Enthusiastic and passionate toward community in and outside of the restaurants 
$16-$18/hour depending on experience
2 weeks paid vacation & 2 sick days/year after 6 months
Health insurance allowance and Life Insurance
Leadership Development, Chick-fil-A Apparel, and Gym membership Stipend
Meal Allowance Daily
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