Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Lots of Love Pet Care
Job Description
Emily Ross - Owner

Lots of Love Pet Care is hiring for a part time pet sitter. This position is 10-15 hours/week with the potential for more when it is busier. The hours would primarily be evenings and weekends but potentially could be any time of day, depending on your availability. There are no set or guaranteed hours, it all depends on client scheduling which changes from day to day.

This position is for a pet sitter/dog walker. You would be going to each clients’ home to care for their pets. Some have one pet, some have up to 7! It is different depending on each client. You should be able to handle all of the pets without being overwhelmed. You would be feeding, administering medication, walking dogs, letting dogs outside to go potty, cleaning litter boxes, cleaning up any messes, checking to make sure the house is okay when clients are out of town, bringing in mail, watering plants, and other tasks. You also need to be very observant and notice any signs of a problem in the pets or the house. You will need a smartphone and access to the internet to fill out visit reports to send to the clients.

-Must be 18 or older
-Have a reliable vehicle, one that can get around during the winter months as well
-Must have a valid driver’s license, insured vehicle, and registration
-Have experience with pets and caring for them
-Be willing to learn
-Be comfortable with all different dog breeds-large and small, cats and many different small animals
-Must be VERY reliable
-Must be a dedicated, hard worker
-Must have a positive attitude
-Must be on time, complete all necessary tasks, and stay for the scheduled amount of time
-Must have a smartphone and reliable access to the internet while out working

To apply please:

  • Submit your complete resume with job history
    • Include your hours of availability and also when you are NOT available
    • Include any experience pertaining to pets (formal or informal)
    • Include why you think you would be a good fit for this position
    • Include how long you want to commit to this job (short term, long term, seasonal, temporary, career)

Applications will only be considered if your resume has all of the required information included.
Please email your resume to to apply!
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