Habilitation Assistant

Simple Life Inc
Job Description
Work directly with individuals with Mental Illness. To have knowledge of individual’s preferences and Treatment Plan. Respect of individual choices for implementing programming for each individual member. To provide supervision, support and/or training to individuals in each skill area as indicated within Treatment Plans and in general activities. Implement and/or coordinate activities in each skill area within the Habilitation setting.  These include but are not limited to:
  • Self-Advocacy and self-determination
  • Safety in the community
  • Maintenance and improvement of health related issues
  • Behavioral support
  • Assist in increasing the individual’s involvement in activities
  • To increase a member’s personal independence, knowledge and access to the community
  • Personal hygiene and self-care, including appropriate dress
  • General housekeeping
Provide information in the area of decision making/informed consent/lifestyle choices. Access medical support as needed.  Support prescribed medical/medication regime.
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