Community Coupon

Offer Valid: 03/19/2020 - 05/30/2020
Photography by KJ can help with social content
If there ever was a time to stay relevant & fresh in your social content, it is now! Staying in front of your clients during these uncertain times is essential! Here are the tools to make it simple, easy, & fast!

Simple $70

*I will pick up props from your business, take them to the studio, and shoot photos for content.

*2 weeks of content posting once per day

*15 images

Engaging $129

*I will come to your business to take photos for your content for 30 minutes. 

*3 weeks of content posting 10 images/week

*35 images

Professional $199

*We will come to your business to shoot photos & video for one hour

*4 weeks of content posting twice a day

*60 images

*Five :10 videos

*5 free papers for quotes

*add 5 videos for $59


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