Community Coupon

Offer Valid: 03/19/2020 - 05/31/2020
Urgent eye care needs do not respect time or convenience. They happen at a moment’s notice,

require prompt attention and competency in diagnosis. Our day-to-day clinic at Dunes

Eye Consultants has a built-in schedule for emergent eye needs. We average 6-7 cases daily

and are currently open for patient care and available for emergent and urgent cases as the

need arises.

In this time of highest health care concerns, we want our healthcare partners and the area

population to know we are prepared to see patients for urgent eye care needs. As a frontline

eye care provider, we are offering 24/7 emergent and urgent care for patients and other

healthcare providers. We are able to see and treat most patients in the clinic, relieving some

of the burden on our local healthcare partners. This also can reduce contact and interaction

with other patients in ERs and waiting rooms.

As there is no formal medical-eye coverage set up in the Sioux City area by either healthcare

system, we feel it’s important to serve as a resource for our medical colleagues and as a referral

source for continuum of care in urgent cases.

Conditions that are addressable at Dunes Eye Consultants include eye injuries, foreign body or

chemical burn, noticeable vision changes, red eye, pupil aniscicoria (different size pupils),

proptosis/exophthalmos (bulging eyes), headaches, glaucoma treatment and specialized diabetic

eye care.

For more information or urgent care for vision, please call (605) 232-6900.

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